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Inheritance Tax interest calculator

Calculate how much interest is due on a payment of Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax reduced rate calculator

See if you qualify to pay a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax residence nil rate band (RNRB) calculator

Calculate the RNRB if a home is left to direct descendants

Inheritance Tax: grossing up calculators

Work out an estate value when legacies in a will are free of tax and other assets are tax exempt

Inheritance Tax: guaranteed annuity calculator

Work out an estimated market value of guaranteed annuity payments when valuing assets of the deceased’s estate

Inheritance Tax: quarters calculator for trusts

Work out the number of quarters (3-month periods) when Inheritance Tax is charged on a trust for certain chargeable events

Intestacy – who inherits if someone dies without a will?

Find out who is entitled to a share of someone’s money, property and possessions if they die without making a will.