Microsoft Excel

Using MS Excel is a must-have a skill that one needs in the current job market, especially in any finance and accounting role. MS Excel is without a doubt world’s most recognized computing application.

Whether it’s a micro-business or a macro business, every person uses MS Excel to compute basic calculations to complex formula-based calculations.

SKZ Financial Trainings has designed an MS Excel course concise and easy enough to perform your accounting job smoothly.

Student will learn:

  • Use of basic functions in the toolbar
  • Entering data into cells and other worksheet, linking and calculating them together
  • How to apply basic formulas and consolidate worksheets
  • Modify workbooks and worksheets, viewing and printing
  • Prepare charts, graphs, and tables using clipart, etc.
  • How to organize & present data with Pivot Charts and PivotTables, H-lookup, and V lookup