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Financial forecast, Cash Flow and Budgeting
You need to closely monitor and anticipate your cash needs and cash resources for smooth operation of your business. This allows you to identify potential issues and take appropriate preventive action sooner, rather than later.

Financial Forecasts
Market conditions change quickly and Owner managed businesses need to stay ahead of it. LLG can help you forecast your projected business results under multiple scenarios. Possibilities oSKZ Accountants can help you much faster and rational to grab the most of market opportunities regardless of economic upturn or downturn. We’ll work with you to project your revenues, profits and cash flows for next 12 to 36 months into the future.

Cash Flow
You can improve your business liquidity, reduce costs and increase profitability through prudent and proactive cash management. Growing businesses need to understand and anticipate future cash needs. We help you understand the sources and uses of your cash flows so you can track and protect your business.

Budgeting can help you to foresee and predict your financial position in advance and provide a benchmark to strive for the targeted results throughout the year. Stay on top of your goals by getting variances reports of budgeted vs. actuals. If you are applying for loan or financing from lenders or attract private investors, budgeting demonstrates your ability to meet your financial liabilities.
Capital budgeting analysis can help you to make the cost-benefit analysis and ascertain risks involved with the potential investments and expenditures.